“When you hear the creative process for one of Ryan’s drinks, you understand that there is a lot of passion behind his work. Ryan is someone you look for behind a booth at any trade event because he will, without a doubt, have one of the best concoctions there. Ryan understands that there is more to the business than good drinks and his “behind the scenes” are just as well managed as what you see on the bar.

I consider myself lucky to have Ryan Yamada in my professional network. I have witnessed him curate professional relationships in a very short time, and integrate himself as a well-respected talent in the bar industry of Nashville, TN. Respect from your peers is something I consider to be a very strong statement about your work. Distributors, Suppliers, and other establishments all look forward to Ryan’s next menu. Ryan’s knowledge of the on premise beverage program makes him extremely easy to collaborate with and conceptualize focused and effective sales programs. Talent, passion, and hard work is a rare combination but this is what makes Ryan so good at what he does.”

   – Scott Mattos, Pernod Ricard –

Chill out with new Spring cocktails

BY: Mark Cook, PHOTOS: Lindsay Garric

“I wanted to use bourbon for my Spring Manhattan, but a lot of the bourbons are a little bit sweeter. I thought, ‘Wait – why don’t I do a whisky?’ Jameson is a really great Irish Whiskey. The structure on it, it has a really great body. It has a lot of really lovely floral notes that would pair with some of the orange flavors and the Nonino really brings it up.” The result is an incredible collage of flavors in line with Yamada’s theory to keep craft cocktails accessible.  Read more

Sinema Rolls Out Summer Drink Menu

BY: Chris Chamberlain

My favorite drink of all that I tried was the clever Mango Unchained, and not just because movie puns are always appreciated in a restaurant called Sinema. This particular cocktail is based on Jameson Irish Whiskey, an often overlooked spirit when it comes to cocktails. Mixed with mango puree, Hellfire bitters and a jalapeño simple syrup, this drink is full of delicious contradictions. It was hot and cold at the same time, sweet from mango and tart from lemon juice, and ultimately refreshing, and I enjoyed the ride immensely as the heat built up over time. Read more