“I arrived in Nashville exactly a year ago. I was a stranger to this developing city and was just beginning my career with Cathead Distillery. The idea itself, at the time, was quite daunting. With no hesitations, Ryan was the first person that welcomed me with open arms. Since day one, he has been a loyal friend and a continuous supporter of my brand.

My first business interaction with Ryan was back in October when he volunteered to be a guest bartender at a Cathead event. Not only did he deliver innovative and delicious cocktails, he did it with class. No questions asked, he was willing to offer his time and creativity for nothing in return. His attitude behind the bar is a reason why he is such a pleasure to work with. He’s poised, knowledgeable, and respectful on all levels.

I look forward to the interactions I have with Ryan because I know he will be fair and honest. He is a man of his word and always follows through. His passion for the industry is contagious and I am excited to see where his potential will take him.”

   – Ali Besten, Bottle Tree Beverage Co. –

Chill out with new Spring cocktails

BY: Mark Cook, PHOTOS: Lindsay Garric

He started by preparing the “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Cucumber,” a Bristow Gin concoction made with lemongrass simple syrup and fresh lime and cucumber juice. Yamada commented as he shook the ingredients, “The cucumber juice lends a beautiful color. You have to peel away half of the skin, this leaves a nice, lighter green.”  The thundering sound of ice clamoring in the metal shaker added percussion to the soundtrack that played in the bar. That color was revealed as he poured the chilled liquid from the frosted shaker, a neon chartreuse that proclaimed spring. The refreshing flavors don’t mask the hyssop, juniper and botanicals of the Bristow Gin, but rather showcase them.  Read more

Sinema Rolls Out Summer Drink Menu

BY: Chris Chamberlain

Yamada also likes experiential cocktails, and his new Those Summer Nights is intended to take you someplace in your mind as you sip on the elegant drink served in a coupe glass. Cathead Honeysuckle Vodka and a splash of jasmine extract added to the surface of the drink, providing the floral characteristics that are evocative of a field of flowers, and jasmine leaves sprinkled on top of the egg white foam contributes a visual representation as well. Read more