Bar Efficiency, Management, and Creativity
in one convenient package.

Raise The Bar Efficiency Management and Consulting is Nashville’s premier bar and beverage program consulting agency. By promoting profitable and responsible decisions when it comes to your beverage program, our team provides the tools and products you need in order to provide your guests with memorable experiences.  

Our Services

Raise The Bar is happy to offer four areas of service that we can customize for your beverage program needs. Questions? Contact us for a consultation!

Bar Tools


With over 20 years of industry experience we have developed a profitable and efficient system for managing the finances of your bar program. Our system allows us to build a program that breaks down beverage costs and empowers you to move forward with the necessary information to make responsible financial decisions from the beginning. Our hands-on approach allows us to provide a personable service tailor-made to your needs. From spirit placement, to barware and equipment selection, we will work with you to build a program designed for profitable and responsible growth.

Bar Light


We seek to educate our Clients about the many spirit options available to them in the market. Our system translates those options into a meaningful and profitable program that balances the quality of a product to its cost. We are in constant communication with spirit brands and are aware of new products and pricing as they become available. We actively seek out competitive pricing to grow your bar’s profitability. We will provide you with the tools to manage an effective and profitable program.

Custom Cocktail Menu


Our award-winning team strives to create each custom menu with our Client’s vision in mind. Personalized service and in-depth staff training allow for us to deliver a unique and quality product to our Clients and their guests. With an ever-growing catalogue of recipes, techniques, and trends we work with our Clients to create memorable guest experiences.

Special Events


Our team of award winning bartenders are available to work on behalf of your brand or business at special events. We will work with you to create unique and thoughtful beverage recipes to make sure your guests have a one of a kind experience. We are available for private gatherings, special occasions, festivals, and more! Please fill out our contact form to receive a quote.